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Therapeutic approach

My clinical practice is based on the principles of psychoanalysis, as these were laid through the clinical observation, practice and theoretical configuration of its inventor, Sigmund Freud, and were renovated by the French psychoanalyst and psychiatrist Jacques Lacan during the second half of the 20th century, in his writings and annual seminar (1952-1980).


In this framework, the analyst's consulting room acts as a unique space, without preconceived knowledge and ready-made solutions, where each subject is encouraged to speak in their, unique, way about the symptoms that trouble them, so that, with the analyst's support, their logic can be revealed.

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This way, the opportunity arises for one to discover the source of their suffering or symptoms and work on the difficulties that are related to them.


The support an analyst can offer can take the form of psychoanalysis, but also of other processes inspired by its principles, like psychoanalytic psychotherapy and counselling.


Similar to its outcome, the frequency, time and cost of the session are not predetermined. The first session is the time and space where the appropriate framework of support for the patient is discussed. Work can take place in person or even online, in English or Greek.


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