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About me


I have studied psychology in Athens (Department of Psychology, Panteion University) and London (MSc Applied Psychology, Brunel University) where I also completed my doctoral studies in psychoanalysis (PhD, Middlesex University). The subject of my thesis was the conceptualization and treatment of schizophrenia in Lacanian psychoanalysis, in the light of the later  Lacanian  clinic  of  the 'sinthome'.

My psychoanalytic training took place in the settings of the Instituted of the Freudian Field/ Lacanian Orientation, at the Athens College of Clinical Studies, where I attend the program of psychoanalytic studies since 2007. 


I have worked as a clinician in a number of statutory and private institutions in Greece and the UK, with people with symptoms ranging from anxiety, psychiatric disorders and autism spectrum disorders to other difficulties, like cerebral palsy and special educational needs. I have also worked in private practice as a psychotherapist in Athens and London.



Between 2013-20202, I worked in higher education, in undergraduate and postgraduate programs in psychoanalysis, psychology, psychotherapy & counselling and psychosocial studies, where I also supervised trainees' clinical and counselling practice, as well as their dissertations.


I have written two books and articles in Greek, English and French-speaking publications about mental illness and its treatment, some of which can be found in the 'Publications & presentations' section of this website.

Lacanian psychoanalysis Lacanian psychoanalyst Athens Lacanian psychoanalysis Lacanian psychoanalyst Athens Gre

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