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Yannis Grammatopoulos

Lacanian Psychoanalysis




Welcome to the website of my clinical practice.


I am a psychologist and psychoanalytic psychotherapist with a Lacanian orientation and I conduct treatments and supervision in Greek or English, in my consulting room in Athens, or via the internet.


I have completed my academic studies in psychology and psychoanalysis in Athens and London, whereas my psychoanalytic training took place in the settings of the Institute of the Freudian Field - Lacanian Orientation.


Apart from my private practice, which started in 2009, I have worked as a psychologist and psychotherapist in various institutions, statutory and private, in Greece and the UK, and with a wide number of vulnerable populations; adults, children, and adolescents.


I have also worked in academic and professional education as a lecturer and studies coordinator, and I have published and translated texts on the psychoanalytic clinic and the use of psychoanalysis for the reading of social, cultural and political phenomena.


In a clinical framework that is inspired by the work and teaching of Jacques Lacan, the guest is encouraged to speak about what troubles them or makes them suffer, without ready-made solutions or predetermined therapeutic suggestions.

Thus, the opportunity emerges for one to articulate their symptoms in their own, singular way, and find, with the analyst's support, a way to get by that can be usual or completely unique.


There are no contraindications for such a process, which will, after all, by default take a completely unique form and function.


In this website, you can find more about my training and professional route, the psychoanalytic approach to treatment, my publications, as well as informative multimedia on psychoanalysis (via youtube) and contact details for any inquiry.

                                    Yannis Grammatopoulos, MSc, PhD

                                           Psychologist- Psychotherapist

Member of the Association of Greek Psychologists,

Hellenic Society of the NLS,

Guild of Psychotherapists,

United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy &

Chartered Member of the BPS


Contact details

λακανικός ψυχαναλυτής Αθήνα λακανική ψυχανάλυση Αθήνα

λακανικός ψυχαναλυτής Αθήνα λακανική ψυχανάλυση Αθήνα

λακανικός ψυχαναλυτής Αθήνα λακανική ψυχανάλυση Αθήνα

λακανικός ψυχαναλυτής Αθήνα λακανική ψυχανάλυση Αθήνα

For any inquiry or a first session, you can contact me at the following numbers or e-mail, or fill in the following online form!

Yannis Grammatopoulos

Neapoli - Exarcheia

114 73



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